January 2: Chrissy Fowler (Belfast, ME) calling with The Gawler Family Dance Megaband (ME):
Ellen Gawler – fiddle
Molly Gawler – fiddle
Edith Gawler – fiddle & banjo
Tyler Yentes – fiddle
Elsie Gawler – cello
Bennett Konesni – guitar & banjo
John Gawler – banjo, guitar, harmonica
Sound provided by Eric Weest Johnson.

February 6: David Eisenstadter (MA) calling with Snack Wagon:
Lissa Schneckenburger – fiddle (VT)
Corey DiMario – bass (VT)
Glen Loper – mandolin, tenor banjo, stomping (ME)
Bethany Waickman – guitar (ME)

March 6: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with The JEMS:
Jamie Oshima – piano, guitar (ME)
Ed Howe – fiddle (ME)
Matthew Kenney – percussion (MA)
Stuart Kenney – bass, banjo (MA)

April 3: Nils Fredland (Keene, NH) calling with Maivish:
Jaige Trudel – fiddle (QC)
Matthew Olwell – flute, percussion (VA)
Adam Broome – guitar, cittern (QC)

May 1: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Velocipede (ME):
Julia Plumb – fiddle, foot percussion
Baron Collins-Hill – tenor guitar, mandolin

June 5: David Smukler (NY) calling with Raz de Maree (Tidal Wave):
Eric Favreau – fiddle (QC)
Sabin Jacques – accordion, bones, foot percussion (QC)
Stuart Kenney – upright bass, banjo (MA)
Rachel Aucoin – piano (QC)

July 3: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Sassafras Stomp (ME):
Johanna Davis – fiddle
Adam Nordell – guitar, foot percussion
John Pranio – fiddle, banjo, harmonica, mandolin

August 7: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Anadama:
Amelia Mason – fiddle (MA)
Emily Troll – accordion (MA)
Bethany Waickman – guitar (ME)

September 4: Sarah VanNorstrand (NY) calling with Great Bear Trio (NY):
Andrew VanNorstrand – guitar
Noah VanNorstrand – accordion, bones, foot percussion
Kim Yerton – piano

October 2: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Nor’easter (MA):
Cedar Stanistreet – fiddle
Max Newman – mandolin, guitar
Julie Vallimont – piano, accordion

November 6: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Riptide (ME):
Alden Robinson – fiddle
Glen Loper – mandolin, tenor banjo, foot percussion
Owen Marshall – guitar, harmonium

December 4: Will Mentor (VT) calling with Night Watch:
Naomi Morse – fiddle (NY)
Jeremiah McLane – accordion, piano (VT)
Owen Morrison – guitar, foot percussion (MA)