As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, BFS and its programs are funded with a mix of admission fees, grants, program sponsorships, and tax deductible contributions from individuals and businesses.

Essential to our budget are the gifts made throughout our fiscal year (Jan.1-Dec.31) in support of our Annual Appeal. In 2022, we’re raising $17,000 from 170 contributors, and we hope that at least 17 of those donors will choose to make a monthly gift.  To track our progress, check out the 2022 Annual Appeal data. We welcome your support!

Donating to BFS is easy (and tax deductible). Checks don’t cost us fees ~ Belfast Flying Shoes, 93 Kaler Rd., Belfast, ME 04915. We welcome both one-time gifts and recurring monthly gifts via this online button:

What do people give? The average gift amount was $118 in 2021 and $120 in 2020. We invite supporters to give an amount that feels right, whether a one-time or a monthly donation.

What’s our community saying in 2022?

  • Oh Belfast Flying Shoes, I remember when you were born and look how you’ve grown! Kudos to you all for adapting and continuing to spread joy through music and dance far and wide!
  • Dance ~ Smile ~ Love ~ That’s it!
  • All of you on the BFS Board are awesome!!!! I so much appreciate all you do. You’ve kept all our Hearts dancing. We KNOW we will all dance again soon, and what a party of joy it will be!
  • Bravo for the wonderful radio hour.  I listened this evening; it was great!  I was quite late to the show, so I found it in the on-demand archives.  I’m glad I did. 

2022 Donors:

  • First Friday participants
  • Anonymous
  • Bob Adler
  • Dean Anderson
  • Jan Anderson
  • Jacob Bloom
  • Gary Bridgham
  • Margo Burnham
  • Cedar Callahan
  • Steve Clement
  • Fran Clemetson
  • Tom Clemetson
  • Bill Colwell
  • Meredith Creswell
  • Walt Cudnohufsky
  • Sandra Jewers Dow
  • Sian Evans
  • Don Fitterer
  • Chrissy Fowler
  • Elizabeth Garber
  • Molly Gawler
  • Andrew Gervais
  • Greta Gulezian
  • Lee Hale
  • Peggy Hale
  • Nancy Hanrahan
  • Brooks Hurley
  • Linda Hurley
  • Christina Kennedy
  • Elinor Klivans
  • Ken Kornfield
  • Lisa Kushner
  • Jennifer McVeigh
  • Greg Mekras
  • Valerie Mekras
  • Kenneth Morris
  • Monica Morris
  • Toki Oshima
  • Judy Powers
  • John Pranio
  • Tom Prunier
  • Bonnie Rukin
  • Toby Stover*
  • Cynthia Tinsley & family
  • Ethan Tischler
  • Ethan Tischler*
  • Ted Waldron
  • Bernie Welch
  • Gillian Welch
  • Jody Welch
  • Kay Zegel
  • Kay Zegel*

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2022 Program Partners, Grantors & Sponsors: