January 4Chrissy Fowler calling (Belfast, ME)
with The Free Raisins (MA)
Audrey Knuth – fiddle
Amy Englesberg – piano
Jeff Kaufman – mandolin & trumpet

February 1Chrissy Fowler calling (Belfast, ME)
with Frigate (ME)
Steve Muise – fiddle
Glen Loper – mandolin, banjo, percussion
Fred White – guitar, percussion

March 1:  Bill Olson calling (ME)
with Scrod Pudding (ME)
Greg Anderson – hammered dulcimer
Pam Weeks – fiddle & Appalachian dulcimer
Jim Joseph – button accordion, banjo, mandolin & percussion
Eric Johnson – guitar
Bill Olson – bass & calling

April 5Chrissy Fowler calling (Belfast, ME)
with Arigana Highway
Alden Robinson – fiddle    (ME)
Stuart Kenney – banjo & bass     (MA)
Mary Cay Brass – piano & accordion    (VT)
Matthew Kenney – percussion    (MA)

May 3Chrissy Fowler calling (Belfast, ME)
with Sassafras Stomp (ME)
Johanna Davis
Adam Nordell
Putnam Smith

June 7Nils Fredland     (NH)
with Elixir
Ethan Hazzard-Watkins – fiddle    (VT)
Anna Patton – clarinet     (VT)
Jesse Readlynn – trumpet & flugelhorn       (NY)
Nils Fredland – trombone & calling      (NH)
Owen Morrison – guitar & foot percussion     (MA)

July 5: Tony Parkes (MA) calling
with music by The Stringrays:
Rodney Miller – fiddle
Rodney Miller–fiddle
Glen Loper–mandolin/percussion
Max Newman–guitar
Stuart Kenney–bass/banjo

July 12Special Legion Hall Fundraiser Contradance – 8-11pm at the American Legion in Belfast, $10 admission, tasty food for sale. American Legion Post 43 is the venue for the monthly BFS Community Dance and Contras. This fundraiser will support critical structural improvements to the American Legion, including fire code updates and roof repair. Although this fundraiser is not part of our regular series, BFS is supporting the Legion with their special dance. (NB: The community dance with the All-Comers band is on regular first Fridays, and so this is a contradance only.) Come on out and raise money for hall improvements, have a great time with an awesome caller and band, and help the BFS dance series too!
Kim Roberts (ME) calling
with music by Perpetual e-Motion:
Edward Howe – fiddle
John Cote – guitar, foot percussion, didgeridoo, vocals

August 2: Chrissy Fowler calling
with music by Anadama :
Amelia Mason -fiddle
Emily Troll – accordion
Bethany Waickman – guitar

Sept 6: Chrissy Fowler calling
with music by Nor’easter :
Cedar Stanistreet – fiddle
Max Newman – guitar & mandolin
Julie Vallimont – piano

Oct 4: Sue Rosen (MA) calling
with music by Midnight Toast:
John Pranio – fiddle, harmonica
Glen Loper – mandolin, banjo, percussion
Bruce Rosen – piano & guitar

Nov 1: Will Mentor (VT) calling
with music by Crowfoot :
Jaige Trudel – fiddle
Nicholas Williams – flute & accordion
Adam Broome – guitar

Dec 6: David Millstone (NH) calling
with music by Riptide:
Alden Robinson – fiddle
Glen Loper – mandolin, banjo, stomping
Owen Marshall – guitar, harmonium