January 6: Chrissy Fowler calling (Belfast, ME)
with FRIGATE (Maine)
Steve Muise – fiddle, button accordion
Glen Loper – mandolin, tenor banjo
Fred White – guitar, percussion

February 3: Adina Gordon (VT) calling with The Daub Schubeck Band (ME):
Bill Schubeck – fiddle;
Heidi Daub – banjo, whistle;
Mesa Schubeck – piano, ukelele

March 2: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Perpetual e-Motion (ME):
Ed Howe- fiddle;
John Cote – guitar, feet, didgeridoo

April 6:
Mary Wesley (VT) calling with Arigana Highway:
Alden Robinson (ME) – fiddle;
Stuart Kenney (MA) – banjo & bass;
Mary Cay Brass (VT) – piano & accordion;
Matthew Kenney (MA)- percussion

May 4: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Jessie, Ellen & Greg (ME).
Jessie Boardman – fiddle & cello
Ellen Gawler – fiddle & viola
Greg Boardman – guitar, cello, fiddle

June 1: Will Mentor ( VT) calling with Agnostic Fiddle Insurgency (MA)
Cedar Stanistreet – fiddle
Edward Wallace – fiddle
Julie Metcalf – fiddle & viola
Bethany Waickman – guitar

July 6: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Notorious (MA)
Eden MacAdam-Somer – fiddle
Larry Unger – guitar, banjo

Aug 3: David Millstone (NH) calling with Flowing Tide (ME)
Tamora Goltz – fiddle
Sandy Davis – flute, whistle, sax
Nathaniel Stimson – flute, horns
David Stimson – guitar, concertina, flute
Abraham Stimson – bass, piano, fiddle

Sept 7: Nils Fredland (NH) calling with Crowfoot (USA, CA, UK)
Jaige Trudel – fiddle
Nicholas Williams – flute & accordion
Adam Broome – guitar

Oct 5: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Lissa Schneckenburger & Bethany Waickman with Glen Loper (VT, MA, ME)
Lissa Schneckenburger – fiddle
Bethany Waickman – guitar
Glen Loper – mandolin, banjo

Nov 2: Chrissy Fowler (ME) calling with Rodney Miller, Owen Marshall, & Glen Loper (NH, ME)
Rodney Miller – fiddle
Owen Marshall – guitar & harmonium
Glen Loper – mandolin, banjo, percussion

Dec 7: George Marshall (MA) calling with Wild Asparagus (VT, MA)
Becky Tracy – fiddle
David Cantieni – flute, whistle, saxophone, oboe & bombard
Ann Percival – piano, guitar, uke & vocals
George Marshall – concertina & bodhran
with guest bassist