About BFS

Belfast Flying Shoes (BFS) is a public benefit corporation in the State of Maine, a nonprofit 501c3, and an affiliate of the Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS). BFS and its extensive programs are funded by admission fees, grants, sponsorships, and donations from our supporters. Our work is done by a part time contractor acting as executive director, a board of directors, and many volunteers.

BFS was founded in 2005 to bring together our local community to share the joys of participatory dance and music. Since inception, BFS has provided programs that are inclusive (open for anyone to join), adaptable (easily modified to meet individual needs), accessible (no special skills are required), and nonhierarchical (reflecting the attitude that we’re all in it together). We also value cooperation, mutual respect, kindness, and empathy. BFS programs are made possible by the engaged participation of attendees from many walks of life.

All Belfast Flying Shoes programs are “chem free” and follow our Community Care Policy (here.) BFS Contra Dances use the role terms lark and robin. (See Role Terms at BFS Contras for details.)

Get in touch: [email protected]