**Flying Shoes dances are CANCELED through DECEMBER 31, and until further notice. BFS outreach programs will continue in varied formats – more info**  To offer your support for our friends who would have played, called, or done sound for our contras and other dances, click their links or see additional info.

Every FIRST FRIDAY: The 6:30 pm Community Dance features Chrissy Fowler & Lisa Newcomb calling with the All Comers Band, led by Julia Plumb and open to all musicians and instruments. The 8:00 pm Contra Dance features a variety of callers and musicians (see below).

January 3: Dugan Murphy calling with music by Velocipede (Julia Plumb – fiddle & feet; Baron Collins-Hill – tenor guitar) and sound by Eric Johnson

February 7: ** NO DANCE – ICY ROADS. Play music and dance with nearby friends and family! ** Chrissy Fowler calling with Emily, Benjamin & Owen (Emily Troll – fiddle & accordion; Benjamin Foss – fiddle, mandolin & banjo; Owen Marshall – guitar) and sound by Eric Johnson

Benjamin Foss says: Get my album or contact [email protected] about stringed instrument repair and restoration work, or about the vintage fiddles, mandolins, and banjos I have for sale.

March 6: Sarah VanNorstrand calling with Dance Panther (Alden Robinson – fiddle; Glen Loper– mandolin and tenor banjo; Bethany Waickman – guitar and piano) and sound by Eric Johnson

April 3** NO DANCE (more info…)** Chrissy Fowler calling with Maivish (Jaige Trudel – fiddle; Adam Broome – guitar & jaw harp) and sound by Eric Johnson

May 1** NO DANCE (more info…)** Alexandra Deis-Lauby calling with Trio Gemme-Kehler-Williams (Pascal Gemme – fiddle & feet; Alex Kehler – fiddle & nyckelharpa; Nicholas Williams – flute, accordion & piano) and sound by Eric Johnson

Special Event!** NO DANCE (more info…)** Sunday, May 3: Square dance with Will Mentor & friends at the Lincoln Street Center in Rockland. Potluck 5p, dancing 6p.

Special Event!** NO DANCE (more info…)** Fri, May 22: Adina Gordon calling an English Country Dance with David Knight (fiddle) and Dave Wiesler (piano) at the American Legion (our 1st Fri venue)

June 5** NO DANCE (more info…)**  Chrissy Fowler calling with the Gawler Family Band (Ellen Gawler – fiddle; John Gawler – banjo; Molly Gawler – fiddle; Edith Gawler – fiddle; Elsie Gawler-cello; Bennett Konesni – guitar)

July 3** NO DANCE (more info…)** Chrissy Fowler calling with JWalk (Jakob Raitzyk – fiddle, electric mandolin, foot percussion; Jared Kirkpatrick – keyboard, mandolin, percussion, & fiddle)

Special Event!** NO DANCE** MCC2020 is CANCELLED** Sat, July 18: Mary Wesley calling with Arise and Go (Ellie Goud – fiddle; Michael Roddy – pipes; and Tim Ball – guitar, bouzouki) for “Dancing in the Park” at Steamboat Landing, in partnership with the Maine Celtic Celebration (all weekend on the waterfront in Belfast)

August 7** NO DANCE (more info…)** Maggie Robinson calling with Spintuition (Willy Clemetson – fiddle & feet; Samuel Foucher – accordion & keyboard; Silas Hamilton – guitar, feet, keyboard)

Special Event!** NO DANCE (more info…)** Sat, August 22** Lisa Newcomb and Chrissy Fowler calling with Emily Troll, Clara Stickney, Michael Friedman and the Flying Shoes All Comers Band for “Dancing in the Park” at City Park. Musicians’ workshop & rehearsal at 1pm. Dance at 3pm. Picnic, swim, play in the park afterward. (Rain Date – Sun., Aug. 23)

September 4** NO DANCE (more info…)** Chrissy Fowler calling with the Don Roy Trio (Don Roy – fiddle; Cindy Roy – piano, foot percussion; Jay Young – bass)

October 2** NO DANCE (more info…)** Carol Ormand calling with Stomp Rocket (Dave Langford – fiddle; Glen Loper – mandolin & tenor banjo; Bethany Waickman – guitar & piano)

*Special Event!* Thurs, November 5**CANCELLED (more info…)** Musicians’ Workshop with Notorious, in Belfast

December 4**NO DANCE (more info…)**Gaye Fifer calling with Notorious (Eden MacAdam-Somer – fiddle; Sam Bartlett – mandolin & banjo; Larry Unger – guitar & banjo)

Larry Unger says: Folks can buy my music and tune books at larryunger.net, commission an original tune, or donate via PayPal.Me/larryungerbanjo (BFS says: Larry’s teaching skills were to come into play at the Nov 5 workshop and his waltzes were to be featured at our Nov 8 waltz time. We were hoping to hear this waltz, written for our BFS co-founder Annadeene K. Fowler.)

*Special Event!* Sun, November 8**CANCELLED (more info…)** Sunday Waltz Time! – Workshop and open waltzing in Belfast, with Gaye Fifer and Notorious, featuring tunes composed by Larry Unger

December 4** NO DANCE (more info…)**~ *Our 15th Birthday Party!*Chrissy Fowler calling with the Flying Shoes All Stars

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