VOTE Tuesday November 7

TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 7, is VOTING DAY! 

Statewide ballots include referendum questions, and local ballots have candidates for public office and other important decisions.

Want to inform your choices?


Why vote?

Flying Shoes programs are effective because they entail participation; the same is true of democracy, citizenship, and voting! Active engagement is the key!

Maine has one of the highest voter turnout rates in the nation, partly thanks to same day voter registration. Let’s keep rocking the vote, with high participation by eligible voters of all ages & demographics! (Just like the All Comers Band and the BFS dances.)

Here are additional nonpartisan resources.

Use them, share them, and get out there and vote! (If you’re from away, and can’t vote in Maine, get the scoop on voting in your state!)

Democracy Maine is a collaboration of three nonpartisan organizations, partnering on advocacy and education efforts:

The Maine Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions has a bunch of info, including these useful pages:

In closing…

Dancing and playing music with other people can bring lots of joy, and voting can be really FUN TOO! It’s a great chance to smile and see your neighbors. So, go out there and participate by voting!