The Thanksgiving holiday can have many meanings, but it always provides an opportunity to reflect with gratitude on the gifts of this world. Here are some reasons we’re giving thanks:

~ Living in this beautiful corner of the place we call Maine, homeland of the Wabanaki, the People of the First Light.

~ Dancing, singing, and making music with people of all ages (including at the recent OH! Flying Shoes dances at the Rockport Opera House!)

~ Program partners who help BFS bring participatory folk arts to the community. (Mark your calendar for our upcoming collaboration with Bagaduce Music: a weekend of Scandinavian music, song & dance programs!)

~ Celebrating 18 years of Flying Shoes on December 1 (time for the party hats and frivolity!)

~ Reminders that we “really ought to get down on [our] knees and thank providence” for what is good in our lives. (This Hidden Brain podcast helped us pay closer attention to gratitude!)

The Enemies of Gratitude