All Comers Tunes for July 5

The All Comers Band set of the month for July 5 is Redwing, moved to the key of C to facilitate Chrissy calling a singing square!

We’ve played this tune in the past – it is usually in the key of G. For fiddles, mandolins, etc, just move the melody down a string, starting on open G. I suppose you whistle players could pull out those shrill G whistles and accomplish the same thing! All others can refer to the recording and sheet music below. Also I want to remind folks that you should feel free to download the recordings for free – you just need to put in “0” as the purchase price in Bandcamp. I’ve fixed the issues I was having getting that to work (let me know if I didn’t!).

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~ Julia

Download the sheet music with chords: Redwing in the key of C