Name That Band! Dave Langford, Glen Loper, and Bethany Waickman Bring Yet-to-be-Named Trio to Belfast Flying Shoes Contra Dance: Friday, November 4, 2016, with Caller David Smukler

Join us for an evening of contra dancing at American Legion Post #43, 143 Church Street in Belfast. The evening begins at 6:30 pm with a Community Dance called by Chrissy Fowler and with music by the All-Comers Band. All musicians are welcome to sit in. Fun and simple dances will be taught, giving beginners the opportunity to learn new skills and offering experienced dancers a chance to brush up on their steps. The Contra Dance begins at 8:00 pm.

David Smukler
David Smukler

This month’s caller is Syracuse, N.Y.-based David Smukler. Active on the dance circuit in the Northeast for over thirty years–and a favorite among Flying Shoes regulars–David is also a traditional-dance scholar and writer, and a prolific creator of new dances. He will share the Flying Shoes stage with …

Dave Langford, Glen Loper & Bethany Waickman

One of the marvels of New England’s traditional music community is its endlessly recombinant nature. This month’s band joins three perennial dance-circuit favorites in a trio too new to even have a name. Fiddler extraordinaire, guitarist, and teacher Dave Langford is best known as a member of the Latter Day Lizards. Mandolinist and tenor banjo player Glen Loper picks also with Frigate, Steampacket, and Riptide, among other bands. Bethany Waickman is the rhythm section of the dance trio Anadama, but her clean, driving DADGAD guitar has also backed such luminaries as fiddlers Lissa Schneckenburger and Rodney Miller and accordionist Jeremiah McLane.

Bethany Waickman, Glen Loper, Dave Langford
Bethany Waickman, Glen Loper, Dave Langford

Dave Langford—fiddle
Glen Loper—mandolin, tenor banjo, stomping
Bethany Waickman—guitar

Sound by Eric Weest Johnson

Admission to the Community Dance is $2 for adults and $1 for children. Admission to the Contra Dance is $10 for adults, $8 for ages 13 to 20 and adult All-Comers, and $5 for children. Bring along a window fan and get $1 off. For more information: call 338-0979, email us at [email protected], or visit Find us on Facebook too!

This month’s dance is the occasion of our annual Lost-and-Found Auction. Bid on the many fine items left behind at this year’s dances! All proceeds will be donated to Waterfall Arts, in Belfast.