January 4: Magic Foot from VT and MA (Colin Lindsay – fiddle & concertina
Chris Stevens – accordion
Brendan Taaffe – guitar, feet
with Chrissy Fowler of Belfast calling

February 1: Bustopher Jones from Maine (Greg Boardman – fiddle & cello
Anthony Shostak – pipes, didgeridoo, banjo
John Côtè – guitar
Alfred Lund – percussion
with caller –Nils Fredland of NH calling

March 7: Jessie Gagne Hall of (VT) – fiddle and cello
Jim DiCarlo (NH) – flute & whistle
Owen Marshall (VT) – guitar
with Lisa Sieverts of Nelson, NH calling

April 4: Crowfoot from Maine and Quebec
Jaige Trudel – fiddle
Nicholas Williams – flute, accordion, piano
Adam Broome – guitar & cittern
with Rick Mohr of MA calling.

May 2: Notorious
Eden MacAdam-Somer on fiddle
Larry Unger on guitar and banjo) of Lincoln, MA (http://larryunger.net/bands/notorious.shtml)
with Diane Silver of Asheville, NC calling.

June 6th: Chrissy Fowler calling w i t h Fiona Schubeck(fiddle)
John Coté (guitar, feet)
Alfred Lund (percussion) all from Maine!

August 1: 6:30pm
Community Dance
All-Comers Band &
special guest callers Pam & Richard Green

Adina Gordon calling with music by
Lissa Schneckenburger, David Kaynor and friend

Sept 5: Linda Leslie and Bob Golder (MA) calling
with Frigate (ME)
Steve Muise (fiddle & button accordion)
Glen Loper (mandolin & banjo)
Fred White (guitar & percussion)

Oct 3: Chrissy Fowler calling with Rumblestrip:
Nat Hewitt – fiddle & guitar (NH)
Glen Loper – mandolin, banjo, percussion (ME)
Liza Constable – guitar, vocals (NH)

November 7: Chrissy Fowler calling
with Frank Ferrel and the Feral Cats – from Maine
Frank Ferrel – fiddle
Jeff (Smokey) McKeen – accordion, guitar, bones
Doug Protsik – piano, accordion)

December 5: 3rd Birthday for Belfast Flying Shoes!
Bill Olson calling with
Scrod Pudding
Pam Weeks – fiddle, mountain dulcimer
Jim Joseph – banjo and accordion; Greg Anderson – hammered dulcimer
Eric Johnson – guitar
Bill Olson – bass