The BFS board of directors

BFS Board: May Young, Lee Stover, Raelin Callahan, Christina Barstow, Chrissy Fowler, Bill Frysinger, Alex Mann, Mary Tolles, Bruce Snider

Belfast Flying Shoes (BFS) is a non-profit corporation in the State of Maine, with 501(c)(3) tax status via our affiliate relationship with CDSS. Our board of directors is responsible for upholding our mission[] and our purpose (to promote the presentation, preservation, perpetuation, participatory enjoyment, and continuing evolution of traditional folk dance and music.)

At our annual meeting this month, Raelin Callahan and May Young joined the board. (Look for their bios on the website soon.) The board also extended its collective gratitude to outgoing member, Bill Frysinger, who has been part of the organizing team since 2012. BFS dancers may recognize Bill by his trademark headband and his high-energy swing. Over the years, Belfast Flying Shoes has benefited from his attention to detail, his Quaker background, the momentum he provided during our transition to a formal organization, and his service as our second treasurer. (Not to mention his unparalleled stamina for hauling sound gear.) At our meeting, Bill encouraged the board to continue to operate by consensus, and assured us that he will continue to be an active member of our BFS community. Thank you, Bill!