Spotted in September at BFS!

Four former BFS board members were at the September 7th dances–hooray!

Co-founders Tom & Annadeene Fowler got a special acknowledgment since it was also their 10th wedding anniversary. It was delightful to see them and their kids, and it was a treat to have Tom on mandolin, helping lead the All Comers Band.

Jennifer Armstrong co-led the All Comers, bringing her signature good cheer and spicy fiddling to the joyful happening that is our BFS Community Dance.

During the contras, Babette Cohen-Solal whirled around the dance floor with a huge grin on her face. During Babette’s board service in 2018, she catalyzed many things–our use of smiley face stickers for new dancers to optionally self-identify, our inclusion of a no-walk-through dance in the second half of the contras, and our renewed emphasis on welcoming new dancers. Her insights during board discussions were invaluable. Check out her articulate contributions during our panel discusssion, “Teens Talk Contra“! Babette spent this past summer working as a costumed waitress in a tavern at le Château de Crèvecoeur, a medieval castle in Normandy, France. What a thrill to have her back at BFS!