Rays of Sunshine January 28

As snowflakes float through the air and we notice we’re a month into 2021, we have sparkling Rays of Sunshine to share.

Original Music at Reentry Center

Brian Burch, a former resident at the Maine Coastal Regional Reentry Center, performed two of his original songs for “In This Place”, a video series produced by Waterfall Arts. An energentic participant in our BFS dance programs at the Reentry Center, Brian also took BFS music lessons with John Pranio. About his discovery of musical expression, he said “it was a life-changing experience… [that] has also played huge role in my recovery.” His music is a gift to all of us, too.

Contra Dance History

David Millstone is one of our BFS contra callers, he produced several dance-related videos which BFS donated to the Belfast Free Library, he writes eloquently (especially about dance topics), and he has offered countless bits of useful advice for our nonprofit board. On January 14, Mt Airy Contra Dance presented David’s “Country Dance in Modern Times: Squares, English Country Dance, and Contras in Post-WWII America”, featuring photos, video clips, “Name that Band”, and a broad overview of the interlacing roots of our treasured pastimes. It’s well worth a listen. (Plus, the visuals aren’t too fast-paced; you can multitask with household chores!)

Ted Sannella Stories 

A new website, Sannella Stories, documents some of the invaluable contributions of Ted Sannella, the original house caller for the North Whitefield contra dance. Ted was a true treasure, and we in Maine are fortunate that he and his wife Jean (pictured promenading together) moved here in their retirement.


BFS In the News

Contra dancers adapt to a time when swinging and touching aren’t allowed

Abby Curtis wrote this fantastic Bangor Daily News article about how Flying Shoes and Maine Fiddle Camp have adapted to pandemic times.

BFS Community Supporters

As always, we are grateful for our BFS community – including financial support in the pandemic year of 2020 and in 2021. Thanks for staying connected!