Rays of Sunshine April 3

To sustain our collective spirits in these challenging times, here’s the second installment of some of the joyful things we encounter. We miss you and are sending even MORE dance love!

History of Social Dance:  Here’s a 4 minute social dance primer, from Camille A. Brown.  Her TEDtalk may not be about Flying Shoes, but her words sure do resonate: “Dance is a language, and social dance is an expression that emerges from a community. … The present always contains the past, and the past shapes who we are and who we will be. … Social dance is about community and connection. … Through social dance the boundaries between groups become blurred.” … Yup.  And as a bonus… these are social dances you can do solo!

Hold My Hand: BFS co-founder , Annadeene K. Fowler, sent this link of a daughter and dad dancing wild!  It’s not a trad fiddle tune or a do-si-do, but it’s intergenerational, and oh my, is it ever joyful!

April Foolery: In November, Sam Bartlett will be in Belfast for a musicians’ workshop, the 1st Friday contras, and Sunday waltzing. We’re hoping Sam will lead some Stuntology workshops too, but in the meantime, check out his brilliant April Fool’s Day offering online, in case you missed it.  (Facebook users can find it on Sam’s page; everyone else can scroll down on the Fans of Stuntology facebook page.))