New England Treasure: David Kaynor

David Kaynor – a gift to treasure

Our New England participatory dance traditions are flourishing because of many dedicated dancers, musicians, callers, and organizers–including some individuals who, wearing all of those hats, have influenced countless others, thanks to the ripples sent out as they jumped wholeheartedly into this culture.  David Kaynor, of Montague MA, is one such exemplar. As an organizer, musician, caller, dancer, leader, mentor, writer, artist, and all-around-actively-community-minded-person, David is a pivotal figure in the sustenance of our beloved traditions.

Yes, David Kaynor is a treasure.

His leadership has always emphasized inclusion (his dances welcome sit-in musicians and new dancers), and he specializes in thoughtful analysis combined with humor and humility (his booklet for callers is titled: “Calling for Beginners by Beginners“) and he brings joy to the world.

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He merits our love and appreciation.