Good Company: Eloise and Co. to Play for the Belfast Flying Shoes Contra Dance Friday, October 5, 2018, with Caller Rick Mohr

Join us for contra dancing at American Legion Post #43, 143 Church Street in Belfast! The evening begins at 6:30 pm with a Community Dance called by Chrissy Fowler and with music by the All-Comers Band. All musicians are welcome to sit in. Fun and simple dances will be taught, giving beginners the opportunity to learn new skills and offering experienced dancers a chance to brush up on their steps. The Contra Dance begins at 8:00 pm.

Rick Mohr

This month’s caller is Rick Mohr. Traveling to Belfast all the way from his hometown of Philadelphia, Rick brings a lifetime of experience in music and dance that includes writing fiddle tunes, founding a Morris dancing team, calling contra dances far and wide, and choreographing a bunch of dances of his own. We look forward to dancing one of his specialty “grid squares,” which combine features of contras and traditional squares. Sharing the Flying Shoes stage with Rick will be …

Eloise & Co.

Three of our favorite musicians, fiddler Becky Tracy, Accordionist Rachel Bell, and guitarist Bethany Waickman, make up this delightful ensemble. The trio, says their website, “crank out dance and concert music with unbridled energy and soaring beauty. Their depth and versatility is evident not only in their dynamic playing but also in their rich and unique repertoire, ranging from exciting original compositions to rock-solid traditional tunes … The blissful vibe is contagious, drawing everyone in the room into a sublime and memorable experience.”

Becky Tracy—fiddle
Rachel Bell—accordion
Bethany Waickman—guitar
Sound by Eric Johnson

Eloise & Company
Bethany Waickman

Admission to the Community Dance is $2 for adults and $1 for children. Admission to the Contra Dance is $10 for adults, $8 for ages 13 to 20 and adult All-Comers, and $5 for children. Bring along a window fan and get $1 off. For more information: call 338-0979, email us at [email protected] Find us on Facebook too!