ECD Musicians’ Workshop & Dance UPDATE

Joyful English country dancing

The recent English Country Dance and Musicians’ Workshop went beautifully.  At the workshop, Karen & Rachel were impressed by everyone’s questions and engagement, and by the well-balanced variety of instruments and musical backgrounds.

Playing an ECD tune at the workshop

More than thirty dancers filled the Baptist Church vestry for the dance. Ranging in age from 7 years to 7 decades, dancers came from near and far. Some were experienced English Country dancers, including those who dance with the Belfast ECD series (on fifth Sundays at Waterfall Arts) and the ECD group at 317 Main in Yarmouth, others had done a little bit of ECD, and a few were dancing ECD for the first time.

Zesty two hand turns

Peregrine Road provided glorious music and Dereck called an appealing variety of  dances.  Thanks to all for a beautiful Sunday!

Dereck Kalish, Rachel Bell & Karen Axelrod