Dancing & Singing as a Curriculum of Kindness

This video from Sunday TODAY is so relevant for our BFS outreach work in schools!  Plus, it’s a thrill to see and hear the fabulous Adam Nordell & Johanna Davis (Sassafras Stomp) rocking the dance hall in their wintertime home state.

“In the small town of Bynum, Montana, students start each morning with a song and dance in what has become a tradition that helps build a ‘sense of who they are when they go out into the bigger world.’ NBC’s Harry Smith reports for Sunday TODAY on the curriculum of kindness.”

Adam & Johanna elaborate, “Our friends at the two-room school in Bynum are famous! We make a cameo appearance, along with our square dance caller friend, Chelle Karcher.  Bynum teachers Susan Luinstra and Abby Armstrong are getting some well-deserved attention for maintaining the 80-year deep social-dance tradition in their school.”