Dancing 2 by 2 ~ Couple Dances for Flying Shoes

Dancing two by two in the streets of Belfast! (from the BFS archives)

Two by Two: Couple Dances for Flying Shoes

BELFAST – Belfast Flying Shoes presents an evening of couple dances by the All Comers Band, led by Larry Unger & Rebecca Weiss – waltz, polka, schottische, foxtrot and more — on Friday, May 6, at 6:30 pm at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast.

Dancers are encouraged to practice courtesy and cooperation, in accordance with the Flying Shoes public health policy , as they glide two by two across the wooden floor with each dance partner — whether a beau, friend, family member, or neighbor. We’ll offer fun tips on ways to meet everyone’s needs for safety and consent, and we’re thrilled to step carefully back into social dancing on First Fridays!

Musical guests Rebecca Weiss on fiddle and Larry Unger on guitar & banjo will lead the All Comers Band (all musicians, instruments, and skill levels welcome!) Musicians can find a partial tune list at belfastflyingshoes.org/all-comers-band/

Boston-based musician and tunesmith Larry Unger is a local favorite, known for his rock solid rhythm, a rich repertoire that includes his 5000 original  compositions, and his deep roots in traditional music.

Larry Unger on banjo at Renoir’s Boating Party

Part of a younger generation of exciting dance fiddlers, Rebecca Weiss hails from the Pioneer Valley in MA and grew up in greater Washington D.C., where a variety of tradition-bearers mentored her in the Appalachian, Irish, and contra dance music communities.

Rebecca Weiss on fiddle

Doors open at 6pm. The evening begins at 6:30 with a warm up session for the All Comers Band musicians, with open dancing from 7-9 pm.  Dance callers will offer mini-lessons on ways to enjoy the various types of dances, giving simple tips for satisfying and accessible dancing.

Sliding scale admission is $5 – $20 per person. The Troy Howard Middle School gymnasium is at 173 Lincolnville Ave (Rte 52) in Belfast. Doors open at 6:00, the All Comers Band warms up at 6:30, and the dancing starts at 7:00.  Masks required indoors. See BFS public health policy for more info.