Co-op Common Cents: Vote for Flying Shoes

Please Vote for Flying Shoes!

Before Oct 30 — Choose Flying Shoes as a recipient of the Co-op’s 2023 Common Cents register roundup program!

The Belfast Community Co-op has a program called “Common Cents”, which supports community organizations that contribute to local resilience. Each month, a different local nonprofit receives a substantial donation from customers who round up at the register.

We’re thrilled that Belfast Flying Shoes is one of the 2023 nominees! A Common Cents donation in 2023 could make possible one of these Flying Shoes programs:

  • The fourth season of “Sing Along & Tap Your Toes” outdoor concerts for older adults
  • Music lessons, instruments, and community dances at the Maine Coast Regional Reentry Center
  • A new school residency program in RSU71, using participatory music and dance to cultivate social-emotional learning in grades K-2

It would be amazing if Belfast Flying Shoes was chosen for Common Cents donations in 2023. But, we need your help!

If you are a member owner of the Co-op,  you should have received an email with a link to the online voting page:

Select the Common Cents voting

The Common Cents ballot page looks like this:

From here, you can vote for Belfast Flying Shoes and up to 11 other worthy organizations, ask questions, and learn a bit more about the nominees.

Please select Belfast Flying Shoes as one of your choices to be a 2023 Common Cents recipient!

Thanks for voting before October 30 and please spread the word!  (If you aren’t already a Co-op owner, it’s easy to join.)

Incidentally, several of the other Common Cents nominees have Flying Shoes connections! Some are BFS program partners, while others employ or are founded by BFS musicians and dancers. Yeah for community!

Check out the alphabetical list with links to each organization: