Christina and the Art of Being on a Board

Christina Barstow with an array of tasty treats (most of which she created) for a special dance in 2016

When Christina Barstow discovered contra dancing, she decided right away that she wanted to be an active part of Belfast Flying Shoes. She joined the board soon afterward, and promptly made the work of all her teammates easier and more joyful, with her can-do spirit and willingness to articulate thoughtful opinions during consensus-building. Christina also is awesome at just getting stuff done, which has made life easier and better for all of us.

Last month, Christina resigned from the BFS Board in order to focus on juggling her other responsibilities, including Barstow Art & Design, her creative work as an artist (such as this art show), and her new home and studio.

We celebrate Christina’s many talents and skills, including these:

  • Playful energy and wry humor, making her a really fun dance partner and collaborator
  • A bottomless well of can-do spirit
  • A passion for waltzing, with a yearning to bring more waltzing into the world
  • Attention to detail, including investing great care in her work
  • World-class board colleague–capable, energetic, and able to give important matters full consideration without bogging down
  • Bright blue hair, often with accessories to match
  • Generosity and almost limitless energy
  • Food catering magician, reliably creating amazing treats that meet the needs of diverse diets and make everyone feel included
  • Artistic flair and a deep love of all things glittery
Christina in Dec 2019, with the perfect party hat

Christina is great friend, and we appreciate the amazing amount of energy, care, and wisdom she has contributed to BFS and the dance community. It’s been gratifying to work alongside her. We will really miss her on the board, but we look forward to when she joins us again, especially dancing under the disco ball!