Chaos on the Tarp!

To reduce grit on the Legion floor, we lay out a tarp each month. The idea is that people will change their wet boots on the tarp, and either leave the boots there or carry them to a spot at the side of the hall.  We want to (a) keep mud and sand off the floor, (b) maximize our precious dance space, and (c) ensure that everyone can find their stuff when they leave.

Lately, it’s become more like… well… umm… it’s hard to describe in words…

Yikes!  Chaos on the Tarp!

Please help us eliminate the dreaded “Chaos on the Tarp!”

  • Clean your shoes/boots and then put them in another place in the hall!
  • Keep all your belongings contained in one place!
  • Tuck your possessions out of the path of dancers!
  • Bring a bag or backpack and stuff everything inside it!
  • Use the coat hooks!

We’ll post reminders at the next dance — thanks all!