Celebrating 17 Years of BFS!

And now we are 17!

The 17th BFS Birthday Party on December 2 was a grand celebration. Cloth banners honored the hundreds of people who have played in the All Comers Band since 2005, and we remembered dear ones who are no longer with us. We welcomed first-timers and familiar friends, continued to settle into the lovely First Church venue, and danced exuberantly. The All Comers Band, led by Benjamin Foss, played glorious music while Lisa Newcomb & Chrissy Fowler called the Community Dance; the contra dancers whooped and hollered for the magical musicianship of Julie Metcalf, Sam Bartlett & Max Newman; and Will Mentor’s leadership facilitated dancing that was both satisfying and safe. It was really, really fun!

Lisa Newcomb with Benjamin Foss & the All Comers Band during the Community Dance. 

To continue the festive spirit, we’ll bring out the beads and party hats again on January 6 when the Gawler Family takes the contra stage.

A grateful shout-out to volunteers who helped set up, greet people at the welcome table, sweep, and clean up: Ken K, Klove A, Ethan T, Elsie G, Dean A, David S, Theo F, Christina B, Bill F, Coral B, Julia Mc-P, Margo B, Morgan C, Tim C, Steve B, Alex M, Anne D, Kay Z, Lisa N and so many others who pitched in!

Speaking of pitching in, a dozen donors made Annual Appeal gifts at the dance. Thank you!

We’ll close with some words from a dancer:

       What a joy to be at my first public dance since the BFS dance in March 2020! 
       Thank you for your incredible work and perseverance to keep BFS strong throughout these pandemic years, responding so thoughtfully to health guidelines, continuing to share joy and dancing and music in all variety of ways with students, Tall Pines, outdoor events, and more until this moment, of dancing all together indoors again.  
       Oh, what homecoming and joyful delight I felt all evening. It felt so incredible to dance again; so special to see familiar faces I haven’t seen in far too long, the fun of seeing new faces, and the downright joy of seeing my students so thrilled to dance in community.
       Thank you for BFS and this dance community and everything it inspires and holds for me and so many people. Hope, joy, mischief, and such wonderful continuance of tunes and dances and community spirit. 
       What a birthday celebration! Abundant gratitude.

This is why BFS exists. We are abundantly grateful too.