CDSS Web Chat re: Thriving Family/Community Dances

BFS is a proud affiliate member of the Country Dance & Song Society (CDSS), whose mission statement is Communities strengthened by dancing, singing, and making music together.

Supporting organizers is a priority for CDSS, including via their online resource, “The Portal”, and a series of web chats for dance organizers across the continent. On Thursday April 4, CDSS hosted a web chat on dances that include young children and all ages. Organizers of four thriving family and community dances shared their stories and advice—and BFS was invited to be one of the presenters!

Here’s a video of the web chat for you to enjoy!

BFS board members Bruce Snider and Chrissy Fowler discussed specific things our organization has done to help the BFS Community Dance be such a happening thing, and we appreciated input from dancers and musicians.

The April 4th, 8:30-9:30 pm EDT, live chat also included time for Q&A with the four different groups who hail from CA, NC, PA and, of course, ME.)