All Comers Tune for June 1

Scollay’s Reel is on the tune list for Maine Fiddle Camp[] this year. It’s a classic minor tune in the contra repertoire, attributed to the Shetland Isles. Check out the Maine Fiddle Camp website for more tunes, plus info on how to register for MFC’s amazing music camps in June and August.

slow version:

mp3 recording:

{Put Your} Hoe Down!

Sassafras Stomp

On Sunday, October 15, put your hoe down and take your tractor to Rockport for an extra BFS dance! In celebration of the new farmer movement in Maine, Belfast Flying Shoes is partnering with Sassafras Stomp to host a special square dance party. A whole evening of fun, high-energy square dances called by Vermont’s Will Mentor to driving, old-time fiddle music by Sassafras Stomp. Dancing from 6-9 pm, Sunday, Oct. 15th, at the Rockport Opera House. Come early for a BYO Picnic at 4 pm in nearby Mary Lea Park. $10 admission at the door for adults, $8 ages 13-20, $5 for kids. EVERYONE is welcome, including people who have never square danced before. Bring your friends, water bottles, and dancing shoes. Do not bring weeding tools!

A Current Event: Riptide Returns to Belfast Flying Shoes Contra Dance

Owen Marshall, Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg, Glen Loper, Alden Robinson (left to right)
Owen Marshall, Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg, Glen Loper, Alden Robinson (left to right)

Maine-based contra quartet Riptide draws dancers into a joyfully irresistible flow of sound and motion. Band members Alden Robinson, Glen Loper, Owen Marshall, and Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg–whip up their Franco-Celtic-American repertoire with a sweetness and energy that must be heard to be believed. And unlike the band’s hydrologically hazardous namesake, it’s completely safe!

  • Alden Robinson—fiddle
  • Glen Loper—mandolin, tenor banjo, and foot percussion
  • Owen Marshall—guitar and harmonium
  • Mark “Pokey” Hellenberg—percussion

Belfast’s own Chrissy Fowler calls this month, with sound provided by John Cote.