Early Years


Dec 2: Chrissy Fowler with Nat Hewitt and Larry Unger


January 6th: Nils Fredland with Frigate

February 3rd: Chrissy Fowler with lydia ievins on fiddle, Carol DeLorenzo on winds, and Paul Crook on guitar

March 3rd: Chrissy Fowler with Nat Hewitt and John Cote

April 7th: Chrissy Fowler with Bondeaux Redux: Paul D’Alessio, Glen Loper & Fred White

May 5th: Rick Mohr with Jaige and Adam

June 2nd: Diane Silver with Perpetual Motion: Will Mentor with Ed Howe and John Cote

July 7th: Lisa Sieverts with Beeswax Sheepskin : Ethan Hazzard-Watkins , Anna Patton & Roger Kahle

August 4th: Shawn Brenneman with Nat Hewitt and Adam Broome

September 1: Chrissy Fowler with Jaige and Adam

October 6th: Bev Bernbaum with Kitchen Chair

November 3: Chrissy Fowler with Locomojo

December 1st: (HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLYING SHOES!) Chris Ricciotti with Notorious


January 5: Adina Gordon (NC) with Frigate (from Maine) with Steve Muise – fiddle; Glen Loper – banjo, mandolin, percussion; Fred White – guitar

February 2nd: Chris Ricciotti (MA) with Rumblestrip, featuring Nat Hewitt (NH) on fiddle, Glen Loper (ME) on banjo, mandolin, percussion, and Liza Constable (NH) on guitar

March 2nd: Chrissy Fowler with Einstein’s Little Homunculus (MA)

April 6th: Chrissy Fowler from Belfast ME, with CROWFOOT: Jaige Trudel – fiddle; Adam Broome – guitar & cittern (from Palermo, ME) and Nicholas Wiliams- flutes, accordion, piano. vocals

May 4th: Nils Fredland (NH) with Nightwatch featuring Naomi Morse of VT on fiddle, Owen Morrison of TN on guitar, and Elvie Miller of MA on piano & accordion.

June 1st: Shawn Brenneman (VA) with Notorious (MA) featuring Eden Macadam-Somer on fiddle, and Larry Unger on guitar & banjo

SPECIAL 3rd Saturday Dance: July 21st: George Marshall and Wild Asparagus (MA)

July 6: Lisa Sieverts of NH calling with Muisette (Steve Muise, fiddle; John Cote, guitar & mandolin ) and Alfred Lund (percussion)

August 3: Sue Rosen with Phantom Power (Lissa Schneckenburger, fiddle Mainer in exile, currently of VT; Bruce Rosen, piano of MA )

September 7: Nightingale (Becky Tracy, fiddle; Jeremiah McLane, piano & accordion; Keith Murphy, piano, mandolin, guitar, feet, vocals) of VT

Oct 5: Ed Howe, John Cote, David Surette with Chrissy Fowler calling

Nov 2: Oakum Bay String Band (George Fowler and Fiona Schubeck – fiddles, Heidi Daub – banjo, piano, whistle, percussion, Bill Schubeck – fiddle, piano) with Dan Pearl calling

Dec 7 (BFS 2nd anniversary dance): Beeswax Sheepskin (Ethan Hazzard-Watkins – fiddle, Anna Patton – clarinet, Roger Kahle – guitar & feet, Chuck Corman – bass, guitar, doumbek) with Chrissy Fowler calling