Birdie March – All-Comers Band tune for July 7

In June, we danced a new composition at the BFS Community Dance: Coyote Prowl, a community contra created by the Coyote deme at Northwood Natural Learning’s Village Day program. Coyote Prowl premiered at the closing circle at Northwood, where we danced it to The Birdie March, a new tune by Ali Palm. We’ll dance Coyote Prowl to The Birdie March at the July 7 BFS Community Dance.

Here’s an mp3 of the tune. The A1 and A2 differ slightly, and the B1 and B2 have substantial differences. It’s in G, with possible chords as follows:

A1: G-/G-/D-/D-/
A2: G-/G-/D-/G-/
B1: G-/G-/Em-/Em-/
B2: G-/G-/Em-/Amaj-/

Double chocolate for those ACB musicians who correctly identify at least three of the birds whose calls inspired the tune… and triple chocolate if you explain the variation at the end of B2!