BFS Outreach on Deer Isle

Dancing newly-composed “Deer Isle Stonington Bridge” at the Opera House

In October, BFS partnered with Opera House Arts (OHA) for a week long dance residency with 3rd and 4th graders at Deer Isle-Stonington Elementary School and all students at Explorations Learning Center.

OHA Education coordinator, Joshua McCarey, devised an assessment component which focused on specific state education standards for Physical Education (cooperative skills while participating in physical activities) and Dance (composing a dance sequence.)  Students at each school composed a new dance sequence, with the ELC students also incorporating a new figure.  [Click here for a short video of dancers doing the “Groovy Doo” at the Opera House.]

Students mentored their families, schoolmates, and community members at the two culminating events with live music: an evening dance at the Opera House in Stonington and a school-day dance at DISES with kindergarten buddies.

Program plan for the DISES dance with kindergarten buddies

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