All Comers Tunes for May 3

The All Comers Band set of the month for May 3 is McQuillen’s Squeezebox/Mistwold.

We have some marches this month – both of these have been tunes of the month in the past. I really like them together!

McQuillen’s Squeezebox was written for the great New Hampshire piano player Bob McQuillen by musician and dance caller Ralph Page. When we played it before it was in D, but this time we’re going to play it in C, which is how it was written. We’ll follow it with a Dudley Laufman composition in G, Mistwold. I’ve made up some great lyrics (I think) about Winnie the Pooh, but I’ll have to share them with you in person… Dudley’s made me promise not to perform them and I’d probably get in trouble with Disney, or whoever owns the rights to anything Pooh-related! There’s a tradition of singing Mistwold, though, just saying “la, la, la, la” so perhaps we’ll do a round of that!

Speaking of singing, we’ll also play Redwing for a singing square (in the key of A or C, just to make it exciting!)

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~ Julia

Download the sheet music with chords: McQuillen’s Squeezebox/Mistwold