All Comers Tunes for January 3

The All Comers Band set of the month for January 3 is a throwback to last January – Old French/Lamplighter’s Hornpipe. These New England classics are two of my favorite tunes and ones Velocipede plays quite often – maybe even for this evening’s contras!

I always think it’s interesting to reflect on how our playing changes (hopefully for the better!) over the course of a year. For many players, attending a fiddle camp or workshop can give that opportunity, but I thought bringing back last year’s set of the month would give folks another chance to do that.

This month we’ll also kick off the community dance with a rousing rendition of Jingle Bells for the first circle dance. We’ll play it in the key of G, starting with the verse (it starts on D and then goes to a B). The chorus will be the “b part” of the tune. There are quite a few holiday tunes that work well with contra and community dances!

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~ Julia

Sheet music with chords:

Old French
Lamplighter’s Hornpipe
Jingle Bells in G