All Comers Tunes for February 7

The All Comers Band set of the month for February 7 is Snowy Breasted Pearl/Meeting of the Waters. These are two of my current favorites from the New England Fiddler’s Repertoire, edited by Randy Miller and Jack Perron of New Hampshire. These two marches are well known in the New Hampshire dance repertoire and deserve to get more play time here in Maine! Fiddler players, your high 3rd finger G# will get a work out on these tunes (it’s good for you), but in compensation the notes don’t go by too fast. As written, we’ll play the tunes without repeats with four beats per bar instead of the two we’d give jigs or reels. Listen to the recording to help make sense of things.

I hope you all enjoy these tunes as much as I do! You’ve still got a few weeks to learn them before the dance!

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~ Julia

Sheet music with chords:
Snowy Breasted Pearl/Meeting of the Waters