All Comers Tunes for April 5

The All Comers Band set of the month for April 5 is Cotillion de la patte du mouton/Répertoire Gérard Lajoie.

I do love Québecois tunes! Last month got me particularly excited about them, so here are a couple more (don’t worry, we’ll continue to play the set of the month from March!) Cotillion de la patte du mouton is more commonly known as Répertoire Aimé Gagnon, Reel de Aimé Gagnon, etc. When I checked on Aimé Gagnon’s album I discovered he calls it by this name (it translates to Sheep’s Foot Cotillion so I’ve been calling it Sheep’s Feet for short). He also plays it a little differently from the way I’ve heard around fiddle camp, so I thought we’d learn his version. The big difference is C sharps in the B part rather than C naturals.

I’ve listened to a bunch of Gérard Lajoie’s recordings on YouTube in search of another name for the second tune, but to no avail. It’s been popularized as The Telephone Tune in the Portland Collection.

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~ Julia

Download the sheet music with chords: Cotillion de la patte du mouton/Répertoire Gérard Lajoie