All-Comers Tune for May

The Belfast Flying Shoes All-Comers Band is an inspiring and exciting phenomenon—what’s not to love?!? Just to add to all that delight on first Fridays, your community dance caller (Chrissy Fowler) and All-Comers Band leaders (The Gawler Family) have decided to occasionally feature a “Tune of the Month.”

Presenting, on May 5, 2017… The Black Joke!

Molly Gawler will help lead a review of the tune just before the dance. For all you ear-learners, it’s a wonderfully repetitive jig. Note-readers can check out the pdf of the dots & lines. And everyone, we hope you’ll join the dancers in a rousing chorus: “Hey, Ho, Diddley-Dum!”

Download The Black Joke (PDF)