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Belfast Flying Shoes dances are on the first Friday of every month at the Frank D. Hazeltine American Legion Post 43, a large white building at 143 Church Street in downtown Belfast, ME.

Community Dance 6:30 pm

Chrissy Fowler calling with the All-Comers Band

Contra Dance 8:00 pm

Guest callers and musicians. See calendar.


Where to Park?

  • Street parking
  • A portion of the Tarratine Club’s lot, closest to Anderson St.
  • City lot off Main St. & Washington St.
  • City lot off Beaver St.
  • Post Office lot at corner of Church & Main Streets
  • Camden National Bank/Belfast Plaza lot off Main St.


Where NOT to Park – Duval’s, Tidewater Oil, Taxi in lot across from the dance entrance. Don’t block other vehicles. Duval’s may tow.

Community Dance 6:30 pm

Chrissy Fowler calling with the All-Comers Band

Contra Dance 8:00 pm

Guest callers and musicians. See calendar.


Check the black BFS bin on top of our red & black cabinet at the Legion.

Bruce Snider

Chrissy Fowler
(207) 338-0979

Belfast Flying Shoes is a public benefit corporation in the State of Maine, with nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax status.

Meet the BFS Board of Directors (2017)

Mary Tolles

Mary loves bookkeeping and loves to dance. What a perfect fit for the BFS Treasurer position! She has been treasurer of contra dance groups in Tennessee and California as well as here in Maine. In her spare time she can be found weeding the garden.

Lee Stover

Lee – forester, logger, and sawmiller – lives on and manages his woodlot in Waldo by selling lumber he makes from his trees.

Chris Barstow

As a Renaissance soul I am able
to sew an apron, bind a book, & refinish a table.
With paint I can counterfeit marble, fabric, or wood;
my plaster repair & interior painting are good.
I like things that sparkle, crinkle,& crunch-
Are you hungry? I make a mean lunch!
Where others see a glass that’s ½ empty,
my cup, (though not fuller), contains plenty.
My musical tastes are often thought to be droll
(I like techno, jazz, blues & old rock-n-roll).
In my quest to banish ennui
it’s contradancing that works best for me:
live music to hear, new partners to greet-
contras help connect my head to my feet.
The neural pathways, as they get rewired,
keep things exciting, & my spirit from getting tired.

Chrissy Fowler

BFS co-founder Chrissy is a dancer, caller, organizer, and cheerleader. She has danced in several states, including the state of suspension (in pond water) and the persistent state of euphoria. Chrissy calls for schools, weddings, camps, conferences, reunions, and more. In 2011, she was on the organizing team of Puttin’ On the Dance, a conference for Northeast dance organizers. Since 2008, Chrissy has spent a lot of time cheering on her son, an avid dancer & musician. In her spare time she does transcription. Chrissy has written a sermon on dance as spiritual practice, which she can elaborate on at length if you will let her. But really, you should be dancing instead.

Bruce Snider

Bruce Snider attended his first contra dance, at Simonton Corner in Rockport, shortly after landing in the Midcoast in 1982, but don’t let that fool you. A perennial novice, he marvels at the slick moves his three sons, 11, 17, and 19, have picked up at such tender ages. Meanwhile, he stumbles happily along just trying not to gum up the works. Playing mandolin or banjo uke with his many friends in the All-Comers Band would be a high point of Bruce’s month even without the little round of applause at the end. But that doesn’t hurt either.

Bill Frysinger

Bill grew up participating in community square dances, sometimes called by his father. In the 1990s a square dance caller suggested he might enjoy contra dancing, and he was immediately hooked. Bill grew up and spent most of his life in southeastern PA; before moving to Maine he often attended the weekly Philly dance, and sometimes Baltimore or Glen Echo, along with the monthly dances in Lancaster and Arden. He gets to several dance festivals each year. He moved to Maine in 2003.

Alex Mann

Alex has been enjoying the social interaction in Square and Contra Dances since the late 1970s. The “shared weight” so important in these dances epitomizes his concept of community. Alex also has a love of living history as well as the continuity of the energy and tradition that resides in the Belfast Flying Shoes dance.

BFS Co-Founders:

Phyllis Buchanan, Annadeene Konesni Fowler, Chrissy Fowler, and Tom Fowler

Former BFS Committee & Board Members:

Phyllis Buchanan
Chloe Isis
Willy Clemetson
Jennifer Armstrong
Sally Jaskold
Tom Fowler
Annadeene K. Fowler

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